Movie theater advertising creates a lasting memory that your brand gets to tap into. The mindset of the moviegoer is receptive, responsive, engaged and happy. Because of their mood, the large screen and engaging and entertaining preshow before the movie starts, cinema boosts very high ad recall… 59%. People not only see your ad at the movie theater, they remember it.

In today’s complex media climate, people are consuming video differently.  The immersive environment provided by cinema creates more attentiveness to pre-movie messages due to heightened anticipation and an interruption-free experience. The captive cinema audience doesn’t multi-task, setting this advertising strategy apart, as 92% of people are doing something else while watching TV. While other media are struggling to maintain effectiveness, the distraction free environment and strength of the box office is a leading reason why more and more businesses are investing in cinema advertising.  

Screenvision is our choice of advertising partners.  They will get your brand to the movie screen showing your brand in the best possible light.  Contact them at